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How To Use

1. Install Side Brush

Install the side brushes by pressing it onto the side brush axle (L for left side and R for right side) until you feel and hear it snap into place.
2. Install rolling brush kit or suction vacuum nozzle kit (Only applicable for BL8XX Series Models )
Rolling brush kit suitable cleaning on carpet, while suction vacuum nozzle kit suitable cleaning on wood floor, tile floor, and etc hard type floor.
3. Set up Home Base
Place the Home Base charging station against a wall and use the power cord to connect it to an outlet. Clear away any obstacles 2 meters in front docking station. Switch on the current for the docking station
Note: Please charge the robot for 12 hours before first-time use.

 4. Preparing your cleaning area
This robot vacuum cleaner is pretty smart in getting around, but it does need a little help. Carpet tassels aren’t a problem, but clear away any clutter and loose cables. General dust, dirt and grime are what it’s there for, but avoid anything wet.
5. Ready to Go!

Press “ON/OFF” on remote or robot panel to activate robot from sleep mode. As it cleans, it will automatically caculates the cleaning path and decide when to shift its various cleaning modes. Press “ON/OFF” on remote or robot panel to pause while cleaning.
Then just walk away and let your robot get to work.
6. Empty the Bin
Press “Push”, lift up and pinch the release tap, take out the filter then you can remove and empty the bin. You can use cleaning brush to clean the filter. The dust bin and the filter are washable, but please do not wash the HEPA. 
7. Mop the Floor
When it finishes sweeping, install water tank. Wet and wring up mopping cloth and install it under the water tank to use mopping function, Remove the water tank and mopping cloth when finish mopping.
Scheduling Function:
Setting the Time:
a. Press “CLOCK” on the remote to enter scheduling.
b. When you see the “Hour “and “Minute “digit flashing, use the up and down buttons, or left and right button to set hours and minutes.
c. When the “Hour” and”Minute “digit stops flashing, but the Clock Sign and the Week Sign are, use left and right arrow keys to set the week.
d. Press “Clock” again, Bona will beep to indicate the time and date has been set.
Time Scheduling from Remote:
a. Long press “Plan“ on remote in standby or charging mode, when you see the digit flashing, you can set the time. Press up and down to increase or decrease the no, left and right to shift from hour and minute.
b. The scheduled time equals to the interval from current time. If now is 8 am, and you want robot to clean at 10 am, please set the schedule time to be 2 hours. If now is 7 am, set it as 3 hours, then robot will automatically cleans at 10 am.
c. Press “ON/OFF” button on to confirm schedule. When it shows a clock sign at top left corner of the remote screen, it means you have set the schedule cleaning successfully. And the robot will clean every day as you scheduled.
d. Delete a schedule: Long Press “Plan”, set the schedule time to be 00:00, and press “ON/OFF” button on to save. The alarm clock sign disappears but the clock sign show up from the screen means you have canceled the schedule successfully.
If the robot power was turned off, the scheduling will need scheudle again.
Tips for Magnetic Strip: 
If you want to make a room or an area off-limits to your robot, you can close the door – or use the magnetic strip that came in your package. Before vacuuming, lay the magnetic strip (flat side down) on the floor to block off the space: the robot will recognizes the strips and avoids the area.

Replace Consumable Items
HEPA: Not washable.
Suggest to replace it every 1 to 3 months according to your living environment.
Side Brush: Washable.
It recovers when through into hot water for a few seconds. If it is out of shape. When the side brush wear is serious, please replace it timely.
Battery: 2 years of normal life.
Replace the battery when its working time per charge becomes too short.
Mopping Cloth: Washable.
Suggest to replace it every 3 months.